“Do the unexpected” is the guiding business philosophy of this investment mogul, Hollywood executive, serial entrepreneur and author. This daring mindset prompted him to start his own financial firm out of his college dorm room and to later grow it to oversee hundreds of millions in assets and participate in more than $750 million worth of business deals. This boldness also led him to venture into disparate industries, including the notoriously tough entertainment world, where he has also realized extraordinary success.



Wylie operates outside the box -- from scraping up $500 to start his investing company to seamlessly securing a $50 million film distribution deal. He has become one of the most talked-about entrepreneurial brands and youngest success stories in the film industry today. Defying borders and boundaries.



Wylie is a living example of his highly anticipated book’s daring premise. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone leading a wealth management firm with hundreds of millions in managed assets and interests who woke up one day and decided to sell off the company, go to Los Angeles and become a film industry power player—with NO experience in the entertainment industry!



Wylie did just that and, fast forward three years later, he has become one of the most talked about entrepreneur brands and youngest success stories in the film industry today, and featured by the leading national media outlets like Market Watch/Wall Street Journal, FOX News, ABC News, ,NBC, CBS, WGN, Forbes, Black Enterprise among many others. Among his current endeavors, Wylie is a managing partner of the Arthur Wylie Enterprise Brand companies that include: Global Renaissance Entertainment, AW Events and Communication Inc., Wylie  Studios, AW Wealth Management and the Arthur Wylie Foundation.



Wylie holds a bachelor’s degree in Financial Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and has been a licensed securities principal and licensed in a vast area of securities and insurance for some of the top investment companies in the world.